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This cross platform - Linux, Mac OS X and Windows - F# .Net library and smartphone app calculates and shows the moon phase and the moon’s zodiac at any date between the 1st of January 1900 and the 31st of December, 2099.

If you want to know more about the Maya calendar systems, see Links.

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Information about the smartphone app is at Usage of the Smartphone App

Information about the usage of the F# NuGet library LunaZodiaco you find at NuGet Package.
To interactively try out the F# NuGet package LunaZodiaco, go to the Jupyter Notebook at Binder badge

Contributing has information about how to contribute to LunaZodiaco, by
filing bug reports or feature requests, to contributing source code, to adding documentation
or translations or any other way you can help LunaZodiaco.